GT 100


  • Used for both asphalt shingled and slate roofs
  • Fast installation, eliminates removal of single or slate
  • Ideal for existing roofs
  • The standard GT100 has ample strength to withstand the weight of the snow
  • Our GT100 PRO includes 1" gusset bar that provides additional reinforcement to the shoe. The gusset bar makes the snow guard about five (5) times stronger than the GT100 standard snow guard. Due to this GT100 PRO can with stand up to 300 lbs  point load at any location of the guard bar


  • For existing roofs, simply insert the slotted bar under the slate or shingle. Engage a nail with one of the conveniently placed slots and pull down of fully secure bar.

Available options and materials:

Copper Std
Copper Modified
Copper Pro
Copper Shoe
Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

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