• Three pipe snow guard in Cast Bronze
  • Suitable for moderate to high snow loads
  • Used for rafters up to 25’0”. For longer rafters use additional rows of snow guards
  • Prevent damage to gutters and leaders
  • Protect people and shrubbery
  • Prevent the formation of ice dams on eaves
  • Prevent ice/snow for sliding of the roof
  • Can be adjusted to certain desired pitch
  • Hole size is 1.25” and intended pipe size is 3/4” ips (1.05”OD)


  • Brackets: Solid Cast Bronze
  • Base plate: 1/8” commercial Brass size 12”x20”. Size of the plate can vary based upon the size of slate


  • Space snow guards five(5) to six(6) feet apart and adjust the necessary pitch
  • Use number fourteen(14) wood screws
  • Use 3/4" ips (1.05"OD) pipe & place it through the holes parallel to gutters & eaves
  • Use Brass/Copper pipe for Bronze/Brass snow guards.
Detail Assembly and Installation

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